Essay Writing I: Example.

Now that we have learned about the what is an essay and about the standard structure here is the example of each component in response to the following question:
“Do changes that make our lives easier not necessarily make them better?” (College Board, 2012; p575).

A1: Hook| What is the meaning of life? A2: Information| Over the last few decades, technological improvements have made many previously difficult tasks easy and given people more time to pursue personal
goals, however, have also caused some problems that did not exist before. A3: Thesis| Consequently, not all changes that have made our lives more convenient, have also made them better. A4: Signpost| Evidence taken
from fast-food, mobile phones and cars will reinforce the thesis.
B1: Topic| The introduction of fast-food has made life more convenient, but with its negative impact on health, has not made life better. B2: Information| After a full day of work, people are now unwilling to cook for themselves, but instead prefer to rely on fast-food to save time. This trend is becoming more common and seriously damages the health of the people. B3: Evidence| For example, due to the massive increase in fast-food outlets and consumption, China is currently suffering an obesity crisis. B4: Analysis| China was a country once famed for its delicious food and healthy diets. But with the increasing pressure from society, Chinese citizens have turned to unhealthy western fast food chains in order to save time, but as a result are damaging their health and suffering from obesity of a serious scale. B5: Link| Therefore, although fast food has undouble made our life more convenient, due to the health-related consequences it has not made life better.
C1: Restate| In conclusion, not all changes that have made life convenient have also made life better. C2: Reasoning| More convenient does not mean necessarily better, as in the case of fast-food, mobile phones and cars. C3: Future| If everyone valued only convenience, all other aspects of life would fall apart and so too would human ability.