Reviewing Your Sources

Let’s say the paragraph came after something important before and you needed to make that topic sentence also a linking sentence so it might begin with something like despite the warnings of a few doubters Australia has been involved in the Iraq war or as we have seen there was considerable its pressure from the Bush administration but Australia has been so that a topic sentence can also be a linking sentence and it may often be one now here’s some ideas for ways to get over that sort of throat clearing business where you get from one paragraph to the next and I’m not going to read them out because you can all read for yourselves except to point out that this trick of the the literature shows at least three reasons new paragraph first that need likely black second bloody.

But by the time you get up to eighth you’ve probably pushed that device a little bit too far so but three or four is okay and here’s a few more now there is no shame it’s not plagiarism to look at a well-written article or book and see how that author has managed to get himself or herself from one paragraph to the next I would say that if you were to begin a paragraph with these facts suggest no one will say you’ve pledged to plagiarize that from this handout I think it’s kind of a very common phrase um well so here’s our summary on paragraphing which I won’t read out to you because you can all read yourselves except to mention this but because each paragraph begins with a topic sentence if you’re doing a spot of speed reading with the introductory paragraph that’s an article and the concluding one and then whizzed through and look at the topic sentences now I’m not saying that’s how you should read it you’re going to traitor so seriously but if you want to work out whether this source is worth your serious treatment.

That’s a good way of just getting the gist of what the person saying having a quick zoom through well next bit about clear expression short sentences here we get up some last grammatical jargon a sentence contains a subject a finite verb and often an object as well here’s a nice sentence Judith as the subject draws the pictures judith draws pictures Parliament passes laws subject third object tenants pay rent subject verb object but the important thing about talking about this it’s not too good in your minds too much with subjects and objects but to get the idea of a finite verb across a sentence is a complete thought and the thing about a sentence is we hold it in our short-term memory judith draws pictures right I’ve got that what’s the next sentence if the sentence goes on and on and on Judith draws amazing pictorial representations of prehistoric dinosaurs with 60 heads and 40 feet and she doesn’t in pink purple and green and her mother really likes them you kind of get overwhelmed.